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Avonlea Icons

Avonlea Icons--An Icontest Community
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

This is an Icons and Icontest community about all aspects of Avonlea!
Each week an image (or images) will be posted for that particular challenge. They will be Avonlea related or LMM related. To spice things up there may also be challenges with quotes from the books, movies, or other Avonlea-ish series.

How things Work!

To make a regular icon submision, you must become a member to post, and then from there just post your icons!! (Just remember to put more than 3 icons under an LJ cut!)

Schedule for Regular Icontest

Saturdays: Image will be posted for the upcoming week's Icontest
Sundays: Polls will close for previous icontest, Winners announced, and at
some point thereafter, the banners will be posted.
Fridays: Last day for current icontest entries to be submitted by the 10:00pm est deadline.
11:00pm or so members will be polled for their favorite icons.
There will be a First and Second Place, perhaps a Mod's choice
will be added when we attain more members.

Please post your icontest entries like this:


Only a Few!

Please keep your icons clean!
You must be a member of avonlea_icons to participate.
You are allowed to post your Avonlea related icons, but please put more than 3 under an LJ-cut.
Please do not take any of the icons posted without the maker's permission.
All icons posted must fit Live Journal's standards: GIF, JPG, or PNG format, and no larger than 40 kb or 100x100.
You may add textures, brushes and whatever else you think of to the image to make your icon but you cannot blend the images or do a slideshow animation with multiple images.
Sometimes the challenge will change, so make sure you read the rules! Also, do not be afraid to ask questions!!!
Please do not use or display your icon until the contest has been completed.
You may NOT vote for yourself, nor get your friends to vote for you
If either of these instances do happen, your icon will be removed from the contest.
(If you change your vote by the deadline, that rule will not apply to you)

Please Check out our Affiliates!!

If you would like to become an affiliate, please comment in the most recent entry!